Confusing Myself with the Whippoorwill

Today, I was a madness of regrettable actions. At the convenience store, I eyed the cashiers warily as they slouched in round-shouldered, teen-aged aplomb. Their youth not yet wasted. Try not to think was my mantra as I left through the slow, antagonistic electric doors, but the whippoorwills disturbed me with their calls, despite a 93% decline in their numbers in the Empire State. And where have they gone? Camouflaged beyond reason so as to be nearly extinct? These questions led me to my own desire to disappear. At home, filled with envy, I chopped some vegetables for later when the seasons have changed and my plumage has darkened, my face of feathers and slanted light a veritable mirage.



Christopher Kennedy’s most recent collection of poetry is Ennui Prophet (BOA Editions, Ltd.). His work has appeared in many print and online journals and magazines, including Ninth Letter, Mississippi Review, Ploughshares, and McSweeney’s. He is an associate professor of English at Syracuse University where he directs the MFA Program in Creative Writing.


Issue #24 June 2013
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