This longing for him the choke in my throat again —

enough, enough.


So I throw a coat over my shoulders

close the door behind me, quietly,


as if afraid to wake another ache.

Almost dawn. It’ll seep


into the sky behind the palms. So I head east

into this street of bungalows


as if I belonged here, among the somber windows

lit one by one, among the first


joggers & their dogs, past garages yawning

out cars into the noisy businesses


of the day. This longing, again for him — who,

last June, did not wait for light,


turned his face away from the window, &, quietly,

entered silence.







Laure-Anne Bosselaar is the author and of The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, and of Small Gods of Grief which was awarded the Isabella Gardner Prize for Poetry in 2001. Her third poetry collection, A New Hunger, was selected as an ALA Notable Book in 2008. The recipient of a Pushcart Prize, she is the editor of four anthologies and, with poet Kurt Brown, co-translated The Plural of Happiness: a poetry collection by Flemish poet Herman de Coninck. She is currently translating French poems into English.  She taught at Emerson College, Sarah Lawrence College, and at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She is a member of the founding faculty at the Low Residency MFA Program at Pine Manor College, and lives on California’s central coast.  (www. laureannebosselaar.com)

Current Issue #64 November 2016
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