Two Poems

Listen Up   Medusa



Seduced by your statuesque

hourglassivity   the oracles


are all correct   we’d fail

even as tresses   to exist


and this icy innuendo

where blades come whetted


daily for our splattered

scales   scalding light


welling in the cold

as the next of those perky


paladins approaches



as we’ve been told

he may   Watch as we act


on our own for once

It’ll really fuck everyone   if?


when?   reclaiming our limbs

serpentine   prelapsarian


we just get up and storm

right out of myth





Personal Narrative



I’ll probably die having worried too much about morals

The ocean harms the moon and the moon

harms us   it’s a simple narrative


Except for the way forgiveness evaporates

once so fleshy and red and eager to please

it evaporates   into molecules   into families


Then again I rarely agonize over the ocean

possibly dying while it brushes my toes in search of afterlife

as if I were its god




Michael Homolka is the author of Antiquity, winner the 2015 Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry from Sarabande Books. His poems have appeared in publications such as The New YorkerPloughsharesThe Threepenny ReviewBoulevardAntioch ReviewAgni, and Poetry Daily. A graduate of Bennington College’s MFA program, he currently teaches high school students in New York City.



Issue #64 November 2016
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