Two Poems


that never sets,
contrail bloody with

we rock under: white bathrobe

and nudity, damp seat, damn
oarlock, fish ruching the black,

the air filled with space, with cold,
a plane so far above

its rumble is weather
crossing the width of the country,

look away look away
someone standing up paddling

drifts out of moonlight,




The Window’s Water

Take that! Weather is sad and furious and you
in your Kindle light, words draining, words paged

against your finger, your desire staunched
under the machine, under argument–

you touch the length of my side as if absent,
as if imprisoned in that electric grid,

only that hand free, the rest of you knotted.
I read hope in your effort, not absence,

while stars made of beaded water
stand on the pane, the light through them

furious, sad, reflecting myself
before I wipe the glass with my sleeve.




Terese Svoboda‘s When The Next Big War Blows Down The Valley: Selected and New Poems was just published and Anything that Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet will appear in January 2016.



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