Clewell doesn’t exactly do haiku.

–from my introducer’s well-intentioned remarks,
exhorting the audience to be patient in light of
the characteristically lengthy poems that would
soon no doubt be heading their way


Don’t think less of me,
but this time that’s exactly
what I’ve gone and done.




David Clewell has published eight collections of poems–-most recently, Almost Nothing To Be Scared Of ( U. Wisconsin, 2016) –  two book-length poems (The Conspiracy Quartet and Jack Ruby’s America). His work has appeared regularly in a wide variety of magazines, including Harper’s, Poetry, The Kenyon Review, The Georgia Review, Ontario Review, New Letters, andYankee. His poetry is represented in five-dozen anthologies. He’s been the recipient of the Pollak Poetry Prize (for Now We’re Getting Somewhere) and the Lavan Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets. His Blessings in Disguise was a winner in the National Poetry Series. He directs the Creative Writing program and coordinates the attendant Visiting Writer Series, which he started in 1986. He was the Poet Laureate of Missouri from 2010-2012.


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