Dog in the Manger

As if you’d keep your bones from other dogs
when you were done with them. What nonsense!

In any case, why manger? That Christmas child slept
in the barn with sheep and cows, not dogs.

And doggerel? your bark
is so expressive

I think you’d choose a sonnet
with beef in it,  if you could write.

Dog fight, I understand, dog tired too–
you frequent the couch even wide awake.

But raining cats and dogs?
And going to the dogs– where would that be?

Why do I care? Language is where I live.
Besides, I have a dog in this fight.



Linda Pastan‘s 14th book of poems, Insomnia, was published in October of 2015 and won the Towson State Literature Prize. A Dog Runs Through It is due from Norton in May.

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