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i.   Five years of nothing. Then, one night she calls and tells: she followed him, and “sure enough he visited my so-called friend, Charise.” I have my own failed marriage story. She’s heard. But she’s not calling to commiserate.

Two Poems

LONG AFTER HE IS GONE   All the summer’s night I dream I am awake reading, following sentences that follow a woman who finds her husband by following his footsteps in snow. She needs to forgive him, to be forgiven.

Summer circa 1967-2xxx

My mother & the other ladies lie prone in plastic yellow and green lounge chairs on our front lawn. Tin foil reflectors emanate from their necks like limbs. Baby oil–smeared on their faces and arms. They glow, glow, glow in


A jostle of stars at the edge of the Crab Nebula pinpoints the heart of Taurus. Under the right conditions, with a steady hand, you can see it with binoculars. As with most things, the conditions are rarely right, the

On the Grounds of the Zendo

“The face of the Buddha’s so smooth,” she whispered, running her hands over the garden statue, “except for these little indentations here and there where the stone’s been chipped.”  That was her way with almost everything:  first look, then close

Two Poems

FAMILY BATTLES   1. Christmas 1964 My uncle stares at the TV throughout Our midday feast, erupts with “Fucking Krauts” Three times, which I’ll repeat on the way home And be spanked, my Barbie taken from me. We didn’t often


The racket of birdsong wakes me at 4am, before first light.   “Music in the Morning” on WGBH regularly opened with five minutes of recorded birdsong, beginning with one or two birds, then growing to a chorus of warbles, cries,

Cave Milk

—a white creamy substance found inside limestone caves. Being soft, cave milk was frequently the medium for finger fluting, a form of prehistoric art.   How can it be Tomaz? How is it We find ourselves within this landscape Of

[from] The Seven Deadly Sins

Wrath   You had always expected a sonnet from me You’d laugh if I would talk about pantoums Who cares what you think about this poem You weren’t there to raise my first child were you You’d laugh if I

Human Technology

Sunlit & dangerous, this country road. We are follicle & meat & terror & the machines leave their shells naked on the ground. One soldier makes a museum in his basement. Each mannequin in brass, unburnable coats: I am walking

Two Poems

walls one morning without shadows in the blue grass the walls will have an evening a vanished day their dead gates – no coming and going no eyes that meet birds flying over land in nets   invisible they will sing

Three Rilke Poems

Abend in Skåne   The park is high. As from a house I step out into the waning light, into The open and the evening. Into the wind— The same wind that stirs the clouds, The bright rivers, and the

Building the Boat, Trèboul (1…

after the painting by Christopher Wood   Half-way, the basket nature of the ship reveals itself, to us though not perhaps to the two men or the women bringing material or sitting in gossip on the quay, for, though real

Two Poems

My Fjord   I will sail through my own fjord and I will name the fjord My Fjord. I know it’s incorrect to say that the Vikings wore horned helmets, but I will wear a horned helmet, for my job

Two Poems

  Doing Sudoku on September 11, 2016                                                 (Muriel’s 18th Birthday)     Confusion hadn’t yet released its poisons when I pushed like a champ. Now, in Ohio, battleground state, you canvas and prepare to vote. Increase the numbers! I