Lawrence Raab

Lawrence Raab is the author of nine collections of poems, most recently The Life Beside This One (Tupelo, 2017), and Mistaking Each Other for Ghosts (Tupelo, 2015), longlisted for the National Book Award, and named as one of the Ten Best Poetry Books of 2015 by The New York Times.

  • The World Provides

    Someone somewhere must always be

    Lawrence Raab: “POETRY AND STUPIDITY” 1. OBSCURITY One of the shortest and most provocative pieces in Paul Valéry’s “A Poet’s…

    Issue #63 October 2016
  • So Much More Mournful than Before

    This morning, remembering the end
  • The Summer House

    I let the envelope fall to the floor unopened,
  • It’s Not Just Trains

    The ticket office was closing