Newsletter #118 June 2021

Newsletter #118 June 2021
September 1, 2021 Christina Mullin

Jason de Graaf, Nest

June, 2021

Welcome to Plume Issue #118 –

June: and, rather than subject you to my usual ruminations on our cover art (or, worse, explore some childhood misadventure) it’s time at last to announce the forthcoming release of our annual print anthology, Plume Poetry 9!  July 1 seems to be the target date.
As noted, before, perhaps, this year’s offering differs from past formats in that it employs a “partner” system: for lack of better words, a “well-known” poet offers his/her/their poem, then introduces a “less-well-known” poet” and his/her/their poem.  The intention was to bring to our readers the best of both worlds: established as well as “new” poets (although the latter only in the sense only that their work might be unfamiliar to you, as many if not most have extensive publishing histories of their own). Also, we hope we have brought together a greater diversity of voices in its pages.  It’s my great wish that we have succeeded, or at least made some headway, in this effort.

Ordering information may be found herehere and here.  Or, ask for it at your local bookstore. As in the past, when bought in a group to be used as a class text, appropriate discounts will be available. Please email us at for details.

While I am at it, I want to thank everyone involved, including the Plume staff – especially the talented and indefatigable Amanda NewellLeeya Mehta, and Nancy MitchellKristen Weber  for the marvelous cover and layout; Mary-Bisbee Beek for herding the cats; the Shifting Foundation for its generous funding; Diane Seuss, our Featured Poet; and all the other contributors, too numerous to name here.

Allow me, also, to express my gratitude to the smart and unflappable Zach Powers and to all the paired readers in the Station to Station: Plume at the Writers Center Series, who have graciously given us their time to help promote the anthology: Diane Seuss and James Allen HallChase Twichell and Dennis Sampson, and David Kirby and Alejandro Escudé. Kudos to Leeya and Amanda and Nancy for hosting these readings, and Nancy, again, for conducting the interview for our Featured Poet, Diane Seuss, in the anthology.

Next up in this series, on Saturday, May 12, are Yusef Komumyakka and Laren McClung, and Elena Karina Byrne and Lois P. Jones.  Here’s the flyer and the link:

No, not quite finished yet…

As part of our continuing commitment to live readings/conversations, we will be launching the first of many, I hope, Salon de Plume sessions: The first is set for Wednesday, June 16, and will feature Alan Shapiro and Dan O’ Brien. Again, here is the flyer; Be sure to click on the image below to register!

And – almost there – forthcoming issues will see the birth of a new video addition to Plume online, one we are calling for the moment “Seven Minutes With…” .  As its name attests, each “session” will spotlight a different poet recording his/her/their responses to a series of questions we’ve cooked up. We’ll open the series with an EP version splash – the marvelous John Skoyles story-telling, advising, explaining, and more. His appearance will take the place of the July Featured Selection.

But is really that it?

Let’s see. Check, check, check, check.

Ah – for those missing Joseph Campana’s mini-essays on poems and subjects various and sundry in this space, take heart. He’ll be back in fine form in the July issue.

Our cover art this month is from Jason de Graff, his astonishing hyperrealist “Nest” (with its overtones of Rothko and Eggleston, to my eye). For more information on the artist, a good start might be made  here 

And – truly now – finally, some new/recently/forthcoming releases from Plume contributors – thank you to all, and to all our wishes for great, well-deserved success.

Stewart Moss                   For Those Whose Lives Have Seen Themselves: Poems      

David Kirby                     Help Me, Information

Yusef Komunyakka          Everyday Mojo Songs of Earth:  New and Selected Poems, 2001-2021

Kathleen Ossip                  July

Denise Duhamel
and  Rick Mulkey              Ice on a Hot Stove: A Decade of Converse MFA Poetry

James Longenbach            Forever

That’s it, for now, seriously.

I hope you enjoy the issue!

Daniel Lawless
Editor, Plume