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  • And After the Ark

    what was left behind was astounding:
  • From the River of News

    The President and his opponent both speaking in Ohio—
  • Bad Line in a Bad Paragraph

    Where "grab a bite"
  • Poem in the Old Style

    At the beginning of the play Hecuba was mourning her great losses. She made lists, blamed the Gods: they could
  • Nursing Home

    She had dreams fifty years ago
  • Last Poem

    Reader, today
  • A God | A Poet | “Facesti come quei che va di notte…” | The Mocking of Ceres

    Here lies a god who was obtuse, just like us.
  • The Shape of Things

    I’ve been reading the science books again
  • Standing by a Coppice Gate, Reading “The Darkling Thrush”

    The city gate loomed at century’s end,
  • One and a Half Poems

    Well it began with a microburst from the North when the moon
  • You Have to Lead the Sheep

    A dream struck a dream
  • A Snow Woman

    A window on a side yard in winter.