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  • The Charter of Effects

    Counsel is a lawyer driven by money.
  • Were We So Fragile?

    What promises didn’t you deliver, beautiful Life!
  • Letter to Jed from Niebla

    I’ll write you about being a stranger, as I am also
  • Given Plums

    Early July my sister and I filled two sacks of plums from our orchard. We shook each tree until the ripest orbs fell
  • IX. Ophelia’s Garden | III. Tears

    After the turtle shook the world from its shell,
  • Untitled

    it's harder to be patient when you're helpless
  • To a Man in Rags Holding Out a Cup | A 100-year-old Man Asks Me to Write about Something

    I don’t have much
  • Booklet, Hand-Pressed Paper, Containing Locks of School-Children’s Hair, c. 1861

    Wound on a bobbin like thread.  Woven into a wreath
  • My Heart in Evening

    In the evening one hears the sharp shrieks of bats.

    Cockroaches ignored the winter dawn

    I’ve become ruthless with the spruces
  • In the Vanguard

    It takes a few notes, a very few notes, to undo the bare bones of a person. Where formerly we were piecework in a