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    It’s a far cry from the blaze we light
  • The Good World

    but when I painted the deer
  • Before the rebirth | The harvest field | Song of love present

    No flowers here
  • May Cause

    Tinnitus, uncharacteristic
  • City That Cultivated Our Voice

    Back then, everything was only starting,
  • From The Little Book of Passage

    Ecco il fiume che mi allarga lo sguardo, che mi attraversa la fronte.
  • Lament Sunburns

    The worst I got on a tar roof, mid-July with a bottle
  • The House

    With stained red awnings
  • Others & Kents

    They stopped the car on the crest of Coleman Valley Road to show his sister and her husband the Pacific view.
  • Square of Beveled Glass

    Hag––first thought.
  • return of the repressed in the age of avantgarde robots

    creating and smashing ideas of high and low was a good

    I almost bought a lucky dragon