Readers: Happy to announce that this year’s print anthology, Plume Poetry 9, is now available!  A great read for those who love poetry, teach poetry, and who write poetry.


This year, you’ll notice, a new format: we’ve asked 45 “well-known/established” poets (for lack of better descriptor) to contribute a poem; then each of these poets introduce a poem from, well, a ”less well-known/established” poet, whom they have selected and believe merit a brighter spotlight.  In early readings, we’ve received tremendous feedback — the poems remain, to our eye, at least, extraordinary, and the resulting selections make for a more diverse reading experience. I hope you like it.

Plume Poetry 9 includes new poems from the above-mentioned “established” poets, ranging from Alberto Rios to Dorianne Laux, Paisely Rekdal to Ross Gay – and so many more, with a Featured Selection including poems from and an interview with the marvelous Diane Seuss. Order heartily and enjoy!  Stock up for holidays, birthday’s, classroom use — we won’t ask.

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Advanced Praise for Plume Poetry 9


“I am crowded inside, but have so far found enough space/ To keep everyone seated, even as more are constantly entering.” Thus writes Alberto Álvaro Ríos in the opening poem of this powerful addition to the Plume anthology series, an annual that has long represented excellence in American poetics, though now, via the editorial selections of the more familiar contributors, Plume 9 offers us the pleasure of meeting lesser known poets whose work deserves our deepest attentions.  To be human is to be numerous.  To be humane, more numerous still.  Each a listener to the larger conversation.  And for that, we need each other to find the many faces of the necessary angels, clear-eyed, local, global, in writerly solitude engaged.  We need anthologies such as this.  More, indeed, are entering the temple, whose many sensibilities, histories, and perspectives would make our hearts more capacious, more humbled before the breadth of American voices who signature our time.  Surely we have seen mentors introduce younger poets before, but never in such numbers, with such beautiful tributes and such strong and judiciously chosen work.  The abiding spirit is one of generosity then, but no less of excellence diversely understood, every poem a stunner, larger on rereading, larger still the echoing context of the whole.

—Bruce Bond

Now more than ever is the time to hold two things in one hand.  The newest Plume anthology has pulled us in, two poets at a time, often talking to each other in a reflection of their own light—- or in some remarkable and unexpected dance. Like a fresh neighborhood to explore, you do not want to leave. What appears in this volume is impressive and diverse writing from all different stages of the poetic journey— known and unknown, old and new, and as we listen to these new neighbors we readers are brought into the conversation. Voices we should hear: as Komunyakaa claims, in a “movement of two minds at play, and the nature of this unfolding moment.”

—Sophie Cabot Black

Plume 9 Poetry

“None of us have been to a dinner party in over a year. True, you say, but what has this to do with Plume #9? In it you will find smart and sassy conversation, both heartbreaking and sidesplitting narratives, poems of deep engagement that will keep you rehashing them on your drive home. Each poet has bought a “plus one” for the host to get to know, though it’s quite possible you’ll recognize her from another party. The poems mingle and flirt, air kissing images that will make you giddy, make you feel less alone.” –Denise Duhameli

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Plume 8 Poetry

“The Plume anthologies are a cause for celebration and Plume Poetry 8 is no exception. The poems come in all shapes and sizes—I found myself surprised, moved, and delighted on page after page. Such a variety of voices! So many riches! And a portfolio of poems by Kevin Prufer too. This is an anthology to treasure.” –Patricia Clark

Available now from Small Press Distribution and wherever fine books are sold.

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Plume 7 Poetry

“PLUME POETRY 7 offers a counter-voice to the dominant discourses of our age, a blessed alternative to broadcasts, and information, and ‘intelligence.’ There is virtuoso discernment and commitment and a discriminate sympathy at work in the assembly of these poets that remind us of our multiplicity, our endurance, our soul.” -Bruce Smith

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The Plume 6 Anthology of Poetry

Now in its 6th year, the Plume Anthology of Poetry continues to bring together both renowned and emerging poets from the US and beyond: a wild gathering and a dazzling selection of poets and poems. In the words of David Rivard, “Plume is eclectic in the most purposeful and pleasurable of ways … a must-read.”

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The Plume 5 Anthology of Poetry

This year’s edition of the Plume Anthology, the fifth in as many years, contains a teeming collection of poems by an equally diverse omnibus of poets and translators. The aesthetic spectrum of strong voices in this volume testifies to the expansive vision of its editor, Daniel Lawless, who has for the last five years created an invaluable, poetic “news” service with his online poetry journal, Plume, and yearly hard-copy anthology.

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The Plume 4 Anthology of Poetry

“A remarkably and deliciously eclectic collection, Plume 4 gives a wonderful sense of just how far the definition of poetry can stretch, and how much territory it can cover – and uncover. The editor has a keen sense for living language and, through all this diversity, there runs a vibrant thread, a vivid pulse, a raw edge that is life itself.”–  Cole Swenson

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The Plume Anthology of Poetry, 2014

“Plume is one of the most exciting, eclectic gatherings of writers on the web. Editor Daniel Lawless has a knack for putting together voices that create surprising neighborhoods of words, related in complex ways that only gradually reveal themselves. It’s one of very few webzines that I always read.” ~ Chase Twichell

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The Plume Anthology of Poetry, 2013

We are proud to introduce second annual installment of The Plume Anthology of Poetry, featuring selections from online issues of Plume, but comprised mostly of new work unavailable in our online pages or anywhere else. Again we present a wide range of some of the best working today, a truly international selection this time with work by poets from several continents. This year, we offer a selection of work from Karl Krolow, translated by Stuart Freibert, and a generous preface by Linda Pastan.

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The Plume Anthology of Poetry, 2012

We are happy to introduce — at last — The Plume Anthology of Poetry 2012. It is a a handsome volume, we think, comprising work from our online issues, new work from new poets, and a splendid Featured Poet section devoted to multiple works by a single artist: in this initial volume, that would be the great Dutch poet M. Vasalis, translated and with a beautiful and edifying introduction from one of our own great poets, David Young, together with Fred Lessing. Almost seventy poets are represented in this inaugural volume, often with several poems, representing a broad range of the best work by the best U.S. and international poets working today — the latter with both originals and English translations, from some of the finest translators in the field, including Stuart Friebert, Marliyn Hacker, Mark Wunderluch, and others.

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Plume Interviews 1 eds. Daniel Lawless & Nancy Mitchell

Who wouldn’t want to know more intimately the passions and antipathies of the authors of the poems they were about to read, learn their writers’ creative process, eavesdrop on of their interior monologues regarding inspiration and revision, craft and mystery? … I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
Daniel Lawless

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