Book Reviews

  • Little Poems, ed. Michael Hennessy Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets Series, reviewed by Amit Majmudar

    All anthologies are arbitrary, but some are more arbitrary than others.
    Issue #147 November 2023
  • On Frank Stanford by Timothy Liu

    They say you die three times.
    Issue #146 October 2023
  • Jared Beloff’s “Who Will Cradle Your Head” reviewed by Linda Mills Woolsey

    In A Sand County Almanac (1949), Aldo Leopold writes: “One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.”
    Issue #145 September 2023
  • Timothy Liu reviews Ana Božičević’s “New Life”

    I was strolling through Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan and happened upon a reading at the outdoor Reading Room.
    Issue #144 August 2023
  • Celeste Lipkes’ “Radium Girl” reviewed by Jane Zwart

      review of Radium Girl by Celeste Lipkes. University of Wisconsin Press, 2023. Diane Seuss, in her essay “Restless Herd,” addresses poets. She says, “In writing and ordering your poems, you are forging a self. Housing it in a stall of its own making. You are building a bearable myth.”* As I read (and reread) Celeste Lipkes’s debut, Radium Girl,

    Issue #143 July 2023
  • Adam Scheffler’s “Heartworm” reviewed by DeWitt Henry

    Adam Scheffler’s HEARTWORM: POEMS is a brilliant, laconic, and intensely alert second collection of 40 poems
    Issue #142 June 2023
  • John Moessner’s Harmonia reviewed by Peter Vertacnik

    John Moessner’s debut collection of poems published this month by Stephen F. Austin State University Press, is a book suffused with death and grieving.
    Issue #141 May 2023
  • “This We in the Back of the House” by Jacob Sunderlin reviewed by Jimmie Cumbie

    Let’s make praise: Jacob Sunderlin’s debut, This We In The Back Of The House, is an often bruising and intrepid collection of Indiana-based poems
    Issue #140 April 2023
  • banana [   ] by Paul Hlava Ceballos reviewed by Jane Zwart

    Indeed, a person is standing between them: an almost anonymous character, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, cloaked in a blue tarp that covers their face.
    Issue #139 March 2023
  • Jody Stewart’s ‘This Momentary World’ reviewed by Timothy Liu

                                Jody Stewart This Momentary World Nine Mile Books, 2022 ISBN 979-8-9871927-2-6     As a reader and owner of many Selecteds, I’ve pondered how to go about reading them. If the book is arranged chronologically from first book to most recent, what are the options besides

    Issue #138 February 2023
  • Say Them With Me: Disruptive Lyricism in Jos Charles’ a Year & other poems reviewed by Cassandra Whitaker

    Jos Charles’ third collection, a Year & other poems
    Issue #137 January 2023
  • Humor and Grace in The Survival Expo by Caki Wilkinson reviewed by Barbara Murphy

    We know we are in for a wild ride just looking at the cover of Caki Wilkinson’s daring third book
    Issue #136 December 2022