Issue #148 December 2023

Portrait of Terentius Neo, Pompeii, AD 20–30.

  • Graham Foust’s “Terminations” reviewed by Timothy Liu

    I once heard a literary critic say: “Fifty years from now, John Ashbery will more or less sound like Mary Oliver.
    Issue #148 December 2023
  • Camp, Pedone, Pindyck, et. al.

    Lauren Camp on “Honest Orbit”: The poem came out of time I spent as Poet-in-Residence at Lowell Observatory, talking to…

    Issue #148 December 2023
  • Maybe It Will Happen in the Span of a Sentence translated by Daniel Bourne

    One of the most interesting poets to emerge in Poland during the final decades of the 20th century
  • deNiord | Hall

    Clay dogs on the mantle. Bear
    Station to Station
  • “The Velvet Livingness” a conversation with Megan Fernandes by Frances Richey

    “The Velvet Livingness” a conversation with Megan Fernandes by Frances Richey     On a beautiful afternoon in August, 2023,…

    Issue #148 December 2023
  • Why I Write; An essay by Dorianne Laux

    I am still hard at work on this project of the self.
    Issue #148 December 2023
  • The Dragonfly

    Diamond-crusted wings flying an armored syringe
  • The First Communion and Forty-Two

    I shall sit here, on this bench,
  • Honest Orbit

    For weeks I sift in vast exits
  • Risk Factor

    After the reading, a young Jewish woman
  • Mother, at Last

    You were Scarlett O’Hara
  • A Brief Portfolio

    I was in sixth grade when I twirled Stephanie Comb’s
  • Morning Bells in Marienplatz

    The wasps
  • This Close and Gaza Aftermath

    Little brother I have forgotten
  • Ultimatum

    If I forget one character a day
  • Pentimento

    Meet me by the shadows & ponds of light where
  • Hi. My Name Is Billy Hollands.

    And there it is, that little tilt of my head –
  • Fifteen Essays on Boats, Boats, Language, and the SS

    The Palermo Airport is not large.