Nancy Mitchell

Nancy Mitchell is a 2012 Pushcart Prize winner and the author of The Near Surround, Grief Hut and the The Out-of- Body Shop. She teaches at Salisbury University in Maryland and serves as Associate Editor of Special Features for Plume. She is the Poet Laureate of the City of Salisbury, Maryland.

  • Sister Dementia Remembers & Phone Booth

    Enough of bosom, ass, and pillow—
  • Christopher Buckley on NAMING THE LOST: THE FRESNO POETS; interview by Nancy Mitchell

    NAMING THE LOST: THE FRESNO POETS Interviews & Essays edited by Christopher Buckley Stephen F. Austin State University Press, 2021…

    Issue #122 October 2021
  • Memories, Friends in Dreams, and Reflections on the Poet’s Life and some Advice to Young Poets: Seven Minutes with John Skoyles and Nancy Mitchell

    Memories, Friends in Dreams, and Reflections on the Poet’s Life and some Advice to Young Poets
    Issue #119 July 2021
  • Ambassadors of Poetry Prevail in the United States of Pandemica by Nancy Mitchell

    In honor of National Poetry Month I interviewed five Poet Laureates
    Issue #116 April 2021
  • Always a Woman, a War, or a Lost Cause

    That hunched those men over Zorro’s
  • Ladder, Facts and Rungs—Dancing on the Train Tracks with Fleda Brown Interview by Nancy Mitchell

    NM:  These eight prose poems in “Treatises” speak with the authority of well-documented research and claim the same authority of…

    Issue #105 May 2020
  • Christopher Salerno interviewed by Nancy Mitchell

    NM:  I’m struck by the shifts of perspective within these featured poems, including human to non-human— in “SPORTS NO ONE…

    Issue #104 April 2020
  • Chocolate on my new pajamas

    Spun from a hundred cocoons
  • Amit Majmudar interviewed by Nancy Mitchell

      NM: In many of your online interviews, you’ve said something to the effect of when I want to tell…

    Issue #94 June 2019
  • Jeff Friedman interviewed by Nancy Mitchell

    It was like two different people battling for control of the same body.
    Issue #92 April 2019
  • Why I’m Here | Unbearable

    Why I'm Here
  • Katharine Rauk: Buried Choirs

    The work of Marianne Moore, arguably our quirkiest American modernist, has recently enjoyed an overdue revival. Perhaps in our precipitous…

    Issue #66 January 2017

    Its smell didn't wake my husband