Issue #104 April 2020

Jose Manuel Ballester, “Francisco Goya’s “The Third of May 1808” (1814)

  • The Poetics of War: Three New Books on Armed Conflict and Armed Service reviewed by Mark Wagenaar

    The Poetics of War: Three New Books on Armed Conflict and Armed Service              …

    Book Review
  • Richey, Clark and Olsen et. al.

    Frances Richey on ‘Afterimage’: I wrote Afterimage last August after spending a cloudy afternoon at Lincoln Center with my dear friend, Michael…

    Editors Note
  • Christopher Salerno interviewed by Nancy Mitchell

    NM:  I’m struck by the shifts of perspective within these featured poems, including human to non-human— in “SPORTS NO ONE…

    Featured Selection
  • Moveable

    Swords drawn, Hem and his bronze friend
  • Afterimage

    Do you remember those Cornell shadow boxes we saw at some
  • “But They Have Dwindled,” Rethinking Wordsworth’s “Resolution And Independence” As A Modern Day Cautionary Tale by Chard DeNiord

    In one of his most profound existential poems, “Resolution and Independence
    Essays and Comment
  • Deciduous (Evening in a Polar Vortex)

    Blanket, you hear, means to cover,

    You want to fathom me,
  • Wuhan

    Utopia, or dystopia,
  • Necromancy

    Squeeze the shadow.
  • Essay with a Grain of Salt

    Salt on black silk
  • It’s 3 A.M., Winter, and Nine Miles from Truckee

    and nobody better than I to tell you about
  • St. Rose of Lima

    Lips weary with chapped hallelujahs,
  • The Stranger

    A quick call

    The Golliwog spoon, we called it, the handle shaped like a head with heavy-lidded eyes and a thick-
  • False Darkness

    I need the sun to be setting
  • Grand Marais Estuary, in Fog (after the painting by Stanley Krohmer)

    Color of ice, or heaps of snow, gray-blue, slate.
  • Guitar & Lantern

    The boy with prosthetic limbs is the flame
  • In the Golden Silence of Vineyards & My Wine translated by Paula Bohince

    In the golden silence of vineyards,
  • Post-

    Clenching, unclenching her thin white fingers,
  • The Merchants of Venice

    The man speaks some Italian, the woman