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  • My Polish and Another Poem

    When I try to thank it, it shushes me. Then illuminates my way to the Exit.
  • Family Once Removed and Who Cooks for You?

    I like to be alone
  • Untitled

    But here in the city there are signs and crowds in the street
  • By the Numbers

    The number of times intuition told me I had dodge
  • Regular Arithmetic

    My sister says, all men are insecure,
  • Morning Hunger

    Why not in the icy clarity of morning,
  • Cold Front Coming

    A crescent moon

    They are pulverized into earth
  • Scene from a Photograph in a Dream

    What was I doing in my childhood room again?
  • Mari Küla and Mari Meli

    Manuela Colipe Benavente breathes in the sun so that she can sleep.
  • Invocation

    I would like beamed to me from the Muse's tower high atop Parnassus
  • Wordwell Triptych

    chronic lapse