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  • Nail tr. by Anita Gopalan

    A piece of heart that doesn’t pain on breaking
  • Refugee & Existential

    I read the Spanish for any clue,
  • Major Brands…

    Cloth covers a woman’s face so we
  • Reading Julio Cortázar after turning 70

    Years ago, there was your story about a man named John Howell.
  • Acne

    And I’d see it that way, the word, all
  • Mommie

    After I’m dead, will the world will remember me
  • Bee Line

    Maybe the crow flies
  • What If a House Could Draw its Own Blueprints? and The Decision

    The house grows wild, floats
  • Paying a Blind Man to Wash and Wax My Car

    Maybe they’re right, friends who mock me,
  • the midwest sheds its skin

    & leaves it clinging to a fence post
  • Sources And Outcomes & Through The Hospital Corridor

    Too many moons crossing in solitude
  • Pomade

    It has been so long since anyone has touched it