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  • The Deposition

    I get to school early, take down the crucifix.
  • Black Apples & Landing

    Dropping to the red earth, these, the night bearing
  • After Callimachus

    Goddess of parturition, listen when Cleo
  • Fallow Ground & Geometries of Exile (or)

    your washboard hands
  • Borges at Dolphin Books: New Orleans, 1982

    He props his cane between Maps & True Crime,
  • Milk Ice

    Driving through fog and storm’s aftermath
  • Government Center

    Screeching right up to us through downtown Friday traffic.
  • The Path of Non-Attachment

    Andrew totaled my car, leveled the house,
  • mother of stains

    a mother made of three buttons from three different sweaters
  • The House

    With stained red awnings
  • My Obituary

    Will it merit a full column in The Post or The Times
  • I Decided to Weigh My Head

    Was it really as heavy as it felt?