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  • Last Christmas

    Your best friend had brain cancer
  • Centers of Gold, Aphrodisiacal & What We Do Lives On

    The point, after all, with canvas, brush, and paint,
  • Ancestral Home

    Frangipani, its petals warm milk around
  • Silent Night & Pleasure

    If you dare to let yourself out
  • Volumes

    Certain mornings you can catch the sound
  • The Walk-Through Heart & The Odyssey of Yes

    my mother lived in a handmade cage
  • Old, Two, Not, Wrote

    letters to an old poet
  • The Jeweled Eye

    A ruby eye on the clasp of the gold
  • I Watch My Neighbor Watch Porn Movies through The Kitchen Window & Moonflaw

    while I wash the dishes, the back of his head propped
  • Cling of the World

    What could it mean
  • Two poems by Sandra Moussempès, translated from French by Carrie Chappell and Amanda Murphy

    A house stands out from the rest of the forest, emptied of its occupants for centuries
  • Sign Language I & II translated by Kareem Abu-Zeid

    It’s not that I