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  • The Barricade

    The barricade measures two meters high and twelve meters wide
  • Norumbega Park

    They used to say the name was Viking
  • Learning to Play It Again

    While my daughter was learning Clementi —
  • Separate Cars

    Just happens is what I fear most. A couple grown insular,
  • A Brief Portfolio: Five Poems

    I found this suitcase slumped in a dark attic corner
  • Beards & The Gospel According to Ian Fleming

    During my sleep, the entire world had been taken over by full beards.
  • Corona & At a Time Like This

    A miniscule David without
  • flail, snap, struggle & These Long Afternoons

    strangle, some eaten out by an infestation
  • The Rainbow Sign, The Shirt and After All

    God gave Noah the rainbow sign,
  • Bedtime Story

    It wasn’t only my father who believed in the romanticism of war
  • Dealing with the Forbidden & How It Begins

    I've a talent for throwing things away.
  • The Science of Departures

    We study the departure screen and