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  • The NewMath and Nor Easter

    The New Math   There may still be time to find the cosine of x. Under an à la mode mountain of leases and loans, didn’t I taste the square root of π’s flaky crust? Didn’t I just use the fundamental theorem to calculate   a grocery bill and traffic antiderivatives to prove I’d never plagiarize your amorous mood? Witting

  • You Don’t Drink Wine? and I Tremble: Two poems by Rumi

    translated by Nesreen Akhtarkhavari and Anthony A. Lee   You Don’t Drink Wine? What? You don’t drink wine? Infidel, begone! Don’t think it’s made of those grapes from some farm. My love is the wine, my heart is its cup. The wine-boy is Creator of the Dawn.   يا كافر يا منكر شرب الراح لا تحسبها من عنب الفلاح وجدي

  • Corona & At a Time Like This

    A miniscule David without
  • Prizefighting

    $25 Cleaning Fee
  • A Back Road Near Calais, 1961

    A Back Road Near Calais, 1961
  • Childhood

    A bead of moisture swelling from black metal,
  • Hunger Abstract

    A black cat
  • Oracle, Mallarmé & Stone

    A broken rib could be the sign
  • Tool & Shade

    A brush of two minds still
  • Old Lithographed Landscape & Woolgathering

    A causeway wavers all the tilted days
  • Rare Moment

    A clear choice
  • Elephant Memory

    A cold sunny morning in Cambridge. Pragmatical