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  • In Case the Messiah Comes

    In Case the Messiah Comes   Split screen city. East doesn’t go West and West doesn’t go East. Occupied neighborhoods, buildings on buildings on dust of history.   Ramat Shlomo Haredi new homes with their backside to Shuafat. The Red brick headquarters model of 770 Eastern Parkway rising amid the white stone–in case the Messiah comes and wants to live

  • Corona & At a Time Like This

    A miniscule David without
  • the midwest sheds its skin

    & leaves it clinging to a fence post
  • Prizefighting

    $25 Cleaning Fee
  • Intelligent Design & Miramar Point

    7, 8, 9 years old,
  • A Back Road Near Calais, 1961

    A Back Road Near Calais, 1961
  • Childhood

    A bead of moisture swelling from black metal,
  • Hunger Abstract

    A black cat
  • Oracle, Mallarmé & Stone

    A broken rib could be the sign
  • Tool & Shade

    A brush of two minds still
  • Old Lithographed Landscape & Woolgathering

    A causeway wavers all the tilted days
  • Rare Moment

    A clear choice