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  • The Shadow of Love

    A man falls in love with a shadow
  • Idea for a Screenplay *

    A man sits on his porch and reads aloud to the yard, to some plants and to some birds, his feelings of paranoia, anger
  • Moment of Truth

    A matador imagines he has
  • mother of stains

    a mother made of three buttons from three different sweaters
  • Whose Sky, Between | Rape of America. So, it appears

    A name that meant sound of an owl’s hard fall, another day of blood gunned to al
  • Nail tr. by Anita Gopalan

    A piece of heart that doesn’t pain on breaking
  • Labyrinth (Lear)

    A poorly timed abdication. A madness
  • Dear Lucinda Williams and Dear Jules

    A power in proximity to terror, the lower middle-class sublime of a car’s back seat,
  • Qinghai and Tengchong

    a prayer flag rolls around a heap of round stones
  • The Stranger

    A quick call
  • grief being a swatch of blue & grief being that song from childhood & grief being a pitched tent

    a rectangle in an unborn son’s room
  • The Jeweled Eye

    A ruby eye on the clasp of the gold