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  • The Invention of Everyday Life

    A few days later Pierre arrived.
  • A Flash of Lithe White Arms

    A flash of lithe white arms
  • Melodrama

    A gunshot: the trigger so light
  • Holy Day

    A holy day
  • Received Wisdom

    A horse fence
  • Apologetics

    A host of angels or a compass of cherubim
  • Two poems by Sandra Moussempès, translated from French by Carrie Chappell and Amanda Murphy

    A house stands out from the rest of the forest, emptied of its occupants for centuries
  • She Leans

    A house: scoured and scarred by wind, its unpainted
  • Streak, Exit Survey and Against All Endings

    A jackknifed semi full

    A jostle of stars at the edge of the Crab Nebula pinpoints the heart of Taurus. Under the right conditions, with a

    a literary critic wrote some
  • Three Poems

    A little man was sleeping in the bright sunlight