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  • Aspect

    The spirit’s simulacra have obtained
  • The Conversations I Remember Most | As A Hammer Speaks to a Nail

    The way a sweet cake wants
  • Ars Poetica

    The dark night caught Jerome by surprise
  • from Devil Mutant Child

    Exactly the hair I wanted,
  • Zen Dictionary

    In the Zen Dictionary, intention
  • Broadcast

    Five blank days of snow,
  • Soaked, by Marilyn Kallet

    At the friary lunch we chat about End of Days,
  • For a Theophoric Figure

    Strange how first things dawn on us
  • The Prince of the Fire Mountain Returns Home

    I remain a shadow slim as a clock hand,
  • Ghosts

    The first time I saw him he was standing
  • Before They Came For Us | Civilian Exiting the Facilities | Table for Six

    They met in the woods below our homes, brought their sawed-off shotguns and
  • Grave

    Over the grave the bird will