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  • The Rosy Tones

    the rosy tones
  • Spit

    Some progress is anything but.
  • Litterature

    I am pleased
  • Bear Sometimes Thinks He’s Dead & Shelf Life

    But lately he’s observed the Hermit Thrush
  • To a Man in Rags Holding Out a Cup | A 100-year-old Man Asks Me to Write about Something

    I don’t have much
  • We Lay Our Fear in a Wicker Basket

    Too drunk, walking around
  • Annunciation

    I learned to hide the wings, almost immediately,
  • Home Life

    I was sitting still in an armchair
  • All Night, Give or Take a Sloppy Hour

    My neighbor’s patio light burns like an ember, burns cleanly, never mind circadian rhythms and light pollution,
  • The Plum

    A teacher I loved
  • 36.

    A woman was choked by a metal shackle
  • The Orders of the Ordinary

    Death seemed no more