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  • Bodies on the Margins

    The artist understands blood; or rather
  • Reading Heidegger Brings a Wild Joy

    My discovery of your essential thingness
  • Elegy for My Grandmother in the Form of a Cactus

    The way each linked lobe of your cactus swallows all
  • The Willows in Winter in the Boston Public Garden

    In the sun’s white
  • Essay: Domestic

  • Quotidian and Carry

    Steak dinners are the worst /you prefer the fatty cut / those white-ribboned slabs from Save-A-Lot
  • A Tall Bird 

    on the one hand, beauty remains.
  • Security: A Q & A

    What was your favorite part-time job? What do you
  • Golgotha & Receiving the Host

    Then they came and cleansed you my love

    My uncle stares at the TV throughout
  • Story of My Species

    first she was in the ocean
  • Meeting Shakespeare

    I met Shakespeare in a hotel room downtown.