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  • Human Condition

    The human condition isn’t some grinning
  • Paramouria & You Do What You’re Good At

    You know (you think), and then
  • flail, snap, struggle & These Long Afternoons

    strangle, some eaten out by an infestation
  • Poem with Allusions

    The thoughts that come on little cat feet
  • The Living and the Dead | Arrest Warrant

    I already came here several times this year, aside from the pilgrimage
  • Writing Under the Influence of Me

    It means I drop things, and I keep turning
  • Letter to a Young Orgasm | Elegy for the Last Orgasm | The Orgasm and the Magic Maid

    How could she not cry out when you pressed her to your flesh?

    Whenever we were out on the dance floor, I always looked at your face, while you looked downward, inward, at
  • Given Plums

    Early July my sister and I filled two sacks of plums from our orchard. We shook each tree until the ripest orbs fell
  • Getting Old, Thinking of Keats

    Even though I’m old now
  • Imaginary Conversation | In the Orchard

    You tell me to live each day

    Yes, Ravidat, to follow the rabbit down its winding hole