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    My neighbor forced his abutter
  • Dream Sender

    Tonight you’re soaring fearlessly over Prague
  • The Park from Above

    What scared them? Scores of wild green parrots
  • Transfer

    Now they tell us
  • Higher Education and In Every Scene

    It’s hard to solve the problems of the world
  • Pink is the Navy Blue of India

    Flea market guy tells me the pornos are five dollars
  • A Sampler

    As you hold your breath, like a watchman waiting for sunrise. Let’s replace immediacy with a swift cataclysm, replace
  • Old Sweater | Alongside

    On November 21, in late afternoon, I open the bottom drawer of my bureau
  • Melodrama

    A gunshot: the trigger so light
  • Danger: A Triptych

    I thought at first it was a rock, a pebble my own tire had somehow kicked up in a weird curve.  I kept driving to my
  • Instruction on Driving with an Orgasm | Napoleon’s Hat

    Look both ways before going out for a spin. And ease onto the road. Take careful note of the speed limit and
  • The Merchants of Venice

    The man speaks some Italian, the woman