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  • Nude with Pebbles

    Flowers fall.  And I noticed
  • Nesting & a triptych

    At my parents’ house nothing is in boxes, nothing is packed.
  • Her Oceanography

    A strand of algae leaves its rubbery
  • The Third Sequence: Time

  • Trás-Os-Montes

    Tiny and bent over
  • Slaughtered by Mistake & The Homecoming 1935

    The huntsman, having no need of me
  • Norumbega Park

    They used to say the name was Viking

    So they brought in a bird for him,
  • Swan Song

    I admit. In the beginning
  • Raccoon in a Trap

    The kidskin of his clever paws
  • Song of The Hoarse Bullhorn Holder

    I eviscerated Vince, my prized pig, to calm the churning sea
  • What, Me?

    When we’re in a car together I worry we’ll die and the world will lose its role models.