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  • Olney Hymn

    not my li-
  • What’s Real? | Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

    This question didn’t much interest me
  • Prizefighting

    $25 Cleaning Fee
  • Electric Eyes of Night

    Three lanterns fill your window with deception.
  • Pensé Que Estabas Muerto

    but your deaths existed the nights you didn’t come home.
  • Three Poems

    A little man was sleeping in the bright sunlight
  • She Said She Saw Vowels

    underneath her birdfeeder
  • Carbide

    As he approached the river a little Fiat drew off the main road and parked among
  • Lily of the Forest

    On the slopes of Mt. Ślęża, the cult

    Cockroaches ignored the winter dawn
  • July 4th

    Tarred roads starting to buckle,
  • Booklet, Hand-Pressed Paper, Containing Locks of School-Children’s Hair, c. 1861

    Wound on a bobbin like thread.  Woven into a wreath