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  • The Loneliness of His Death

    I like to think there’s a place where all the poets go
  • January 28 | Basho

    Today it is snowing again and I’m thinking of Borges.
  • The Barn

    No one just Mary
  • Quiet Candy

    After you kicked me out,

    Near the end, her mouth was pinned down
  • Mantra Post- Storm Desmond

    After thirty-six hours indoors while Desmond
  • Fragment

    The past is a point of departure
  • What God Says | Creek

    What you don’t know is that when you lay
  • Mother of Invention | The Butcher Coat

    Who first fashioned fishnet stocking
  • At the Cemetery

    Cloud cover from horizon to horizon
  • No Nonsense | The Layout

    Split off for a sec
  • Concussion Test

    Do you feel heartsick for aboriginal (original) people wearing baseball caps?