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  • Summer circa 1967-2xxx

    My mother & the other ladies
  • Bad Harvest

    Does my name take your tongue’s
  • Not the Way it Was

    Today I overheard a conversation
  • Instruction on Driving with an Orgasm | Napoleon’s Hat

    Look both ways before going out for a spin. And ease onto the road. Take careful note of the speed limit and
  • Feasts for the Blind | My Dear Menshevik

    That year it rained crows. Birds fell out of the sky in midflight.
  • Excerpts from Little Goldie in America

    One more day, one more hour, play the good pig.
  • The Deposition

    I get to school early, take down the crucifix.
  • Between the Bed and the Window

    First, the light, which is always
  • One and a Half Poems

    Well it began with a microburst from the North when the moon
  • Here at the Scene

    How will I tell her particular tale
  • Photographs, 1949 | Retiree

    In one, they pose, grinning straight at the Kodak,
  • Free Descent

    It seemed I had always been kicking