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  • The Twenties

    Consider the twenties, not Gatsby, not Daisy, not that old Roaring,
  • Weather Report

    These white stripes of day achieve
  • Embraced

    I have visited an ancient redwood and heard it creak
  • Into the Flame

    And you lay for decades counting sheep
  • The Peripheral Position of the Sun

    A young woman roars, laughs, splashes the face of a young man, nears the shore where the blinking lights of fireflies
  • Three Poems

    Being adopted means I have choices on “The Meaning of Your Name”
  • War Poems

    Mangled tanks at rest on the roadway's shoulder.
  • The Good World

    but when I painted the deer
  • Che Fai Di Bello

    They are burning the fields in
  • The Easy Way to Stop Drinking

    We are as flies in a pitcher plant,
  • The Seven Mysteries of Our-Lady Madonna

    They emerge out of distance,
  • In the Supermarket of Orgasms

    Some nights I feel so alone in my longing for you, love, alone in my supermarket of orgasms as I cruise the aisles of