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  • Objects in Mirror Are Larger than They Appear

    That beautiful girl on a bicycle smoking a cigarette:
  • For Michael Gottlieb

    All this time me on he leadéd
  • Dog in the Manger

    As if you’d keep your bones from other dogs
  • All the Shrimp I Can Eat

    They are swimming away from me at the speed of light
  • Almost Lost Moment

    coming back in an incidental way,
  • Here at the Scene

    How will I tell her particular tale
  • A Back Road Near Calais, 1961

    A Back Road Near Calais, 1961
  • Jukkasjärvi, Sweden | Hämeenkyrö, Finland

    It flew like a little bird

    a literary critic wrote some
  • Wild Yeast & Kiss and Tell

    What color is Shakespeare?
  • Seventh Circle

    And after the fight the moment of awakening
  • Soup Teachers

    we called them, the women who stood behind