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    Five a.m.—the soft percussion of the rain
  • The Mystery

    The mystery of our time
  • Lag sol time

    Please are the big good door, no one is so did it anymore will be to period. No: only if he’d sown wheat in a set fiche
  • The Host of Turns

    We were gathered in this kind of circus-tent,
  • To Manuel Bandeira | To Hilda Hilst | To Adélia Prado

    The girls are still   a d o r a b l e
  • Don’t Bum Out the Musicians

    At St. Paul’s church, the musicians have heard it all.
  • Riddle

    The chair is not far from the bed
  • Moment of Truth

    A matador imagines he has
  • Spelling / Complication

    Serious injuries only!   Strange
  • Personal Life | I, Too, Arrived Here in the End | Godard

    The universe is vast and boundless
  • Carl’s Barbershop

    The peppermint stripes spinning
  • To Urania

    Astronomer who rules the tides and skies,