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  • Shot | Total Eclipse

    Don’t be distracted by
  • Snow Day, by Jerome Sala

    The camera in the other room points and clicks
  • A Pittsburgh Bakery in Winter

    Into Prantl’s, on Walnut Street,
  • Tattoos | Tattoos

    They come with stories. Like the woman whose thorny twist
  • Errand

    The fawn was
  • Ode to Disarmament

    I am fairly sure that the leafhopper
  • from Landscapes on a Train

    There once was a church. There once was a steeple. These things fall into
  • Two Poems

    Thinking’s chariot starts with it:
  • La Bagatelle | Method | Dream Glance

    in cursive yellow hung above
  • From a Bench at MOMA

    Don’t wanna, don’t wanna,
  • Wolf Wine Bar

    Two years ago, maybe even two and a half
  • Vega

    On my bed in late afternoon I am listening