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  • Family

    None of my friends called their grandmother Nana.
  • Blond for All the Boys

    Frank Ocean didn’t mean anything to me till Dave said check
  • Thinly Veiled

    In Alabama I learnt the difference between the state flag and the battle flag
  • The Arithmetic Teacher Living in Six Meticulous Fields of Sweet

    I thought I heard outdoors
  • Arf

    At the stoplight in Dogleg children swept metal
  • Unified Theory

    The night is blue and staggered with stars.
  • The Fourth Walk

    Among the ruined are the ruins. Rules even skies can wreck in shreds,
  • After the Invention of Polystyrene a Ligurian Goat Crosses the Equator

    Abut in a tailspin, mad spark

    In an ancient park, isolated and icy,
  • Late Portrait

    Dried flowers everywhere. Greeting cards. China plates hung on walls, showing a
  • Olney Hymn

    not my li-
  • City Harbor

    How often we come to a headland and a city opens,