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  • Incident in the Park

    Working back from the moment I rose off the bench,
  • Zone 

    This ancient world finally leaves you weary
  • Apologetics

    A host of angels or a compass of cherubim
  • Template

    Any skink
  • Mowing     

    I never remember to ask what it is
  • A Girl Who Doesn’t Believe in Myths & I Have No One With Whom I Can Spit Toothpaste At Turns Into The Sink

    we went to the prophetess
  • To Isabella Franconati

    After your husband died and the cypress trees,
  • Logs

    Giants lie entangled on wet sand,
  • Killer

    When he saw me coming
  • Velvetleaf

    Tick of sweet clover, swinecress parasite, did you have a music
  • Caravaggio’s Supper

    They were tired and hungry when they found themselves just outside the village now known as
  • Four Square and Enthralled

    Mornings I’m grateful to my nightly self