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  • Listening to Stone

    The man who carved you vied and gossiped
  • To Isabella Franconati

    After your husband died and the cypress trees,
  • Soul Mate

    When I was a girl, I had a dirty soul.
  • Untitled

    it's harder to be patient when you're helpless
  • Bear and the Crows

    So many in the winter trees they caw
  • Undelivered letter from the Rev. Charles Smale to The Times, 1874 | Xiuhmolpilli, or The Binding of the Years, November 1507*

    We have spent too long debating Darwin in these pages
  • From the Ass’s Mouth: A Theory of the Leisure Class

    Up on stage in the three-quarters empty auditorium,
  • End in Itself

    All veins point to a heart in depleted rivers, in branches,
  • The Peripheral Position of the Sun

    A young woman roars, laughs, splashes the face of a young man, nears the shore where the blinking lights of fireflies
  • Government Center

    Screeching right up to us through downtown Friday traffic.
  • A Lean-to at the End of the Galaxy

    You fire a fiction deep into my brain
  • Reality Check

    The orgasm likes the dusk best, the time of day