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  • Guitar & Lantern

    The boy with prosthetic limbs is the flame
  • The World Provides

    Someone somewhere must always be
  • A Date With an Undertaker

    He liked to bathe, dress,
  • Mishap

    At the soiree, a hot ticket zooms off with a hot potato into the toy
  • What is Pleasure

    The supreme pleasure of love
  • Babel of Signs

    Skirting the coast desperate for fresh food
  • Over

    Suddenly, it’s over, and I hear!
  • Three Poems

    Being adopted means I have choices on “The Meaning of Your Name”
  • The Harrow Plow

    Each spring it sank a little further down
  • From The Little Book of Passage

    Ecco il fiume che mi allarga lo sguardo, che mi attraversa la fronte.
  • Stone Arabia

    The horses bisect the field
  • Burning Leaves

    Leaf-fires smell like