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  • The Sun Pours Forth & An American in Paris

    We are in a garden among friends
  • 80 Words for Rosmarie Waldrop at 80

  • The Wars Between the Wars Between the Borders that Were Not There

    You had to know how bad the Nazis were
  • On Brueghel’s Massacre of the Innocents

    He’s switched the scene from Bethlehem
  • Velvetleaf

    Tick of sweet clover, swinecress parasite, did you have a music
  • Three Orgasm Poems

    She thinks success would be her best revenge. It’s not enough for her now, merely to be alive. Or to feel bliss in brief
  • What We Work At | Look to the Side

    What we work at
  • David

    we wait in an arc with flashlights
  • Value and Reverie

    The dog dreams on the rug
  • What They Told Me At The Boy’s Club In Gainesville

    Right over there, in the public library, that's where Rahul got shot--
  • The Tiger | Friendship  

    In a tourist magazine about the amusements of Rome,
  • Alexandru (1904 – 1984)

    You cross the hill by wagon to Românești. Airplanes stretch ropes of milk in our way not unlike the wire you’d