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  • The Palm Reader & Fire Horse

    These blithe lines
  • Butchering the Ram | James Cameron Descends into Lake Baikal

    And while traveling the transcendental path of non-violence,
  • On Clitocybe Nuda | On Oysters

    Peak of autumn’s deepening yellow
  • City That Cultivated Our Voice

    Back then, everything was only starting,
  • Snow, an essay and The Day After the Day Without a Yesterday

    Or, the winter I kept being turned into a pillar of salt.
  • Obit

    At this beat-up plywood slab across the beat-up

    always the dark body hewn asunder; always
  • What God Says | Creek

    What you don’t know is that when you lay
  • Urban Renewal

    Outside my window, a brutal winter burn has curled
  • Georges de la Tour! Georges de la Tour! | Metka | The Cross

    I see how you climb!
  • Rare Moment

    A clear choice
  • Speculation on the Absent God

    As if abandoned