Featured Selection

  • “The Velvet Livingness” a conversation with Megan Fernandes by Frances Richey

    “The Velvet Livingness” a conversation with Megan Fernandes by Frances Richey     On a beautiful afternoon in August, 2023, Megan Fernandes and I met for a free-ranging conversation about her new collection, I Do Everything I’m Told, that included her thoughts on the way poets experience time, the many manifestations love can take in our lives and the lives

    Issue #148 December 2023
  • The Poem as Lightvessel: A Dialogue on Poetry and Community with Kelli Russell Agodon by Amanda Newell

    You are such an accomplished poet, and I have so much I want to talk to you about, but first...
    Issue #147 November 2023
  • 5 under 35 curated by John A. Nieves

    2023 5 under 35 Feature for Plume Poetry Curated by John A. Nieves     JAN: Since our last 5 under 35 feature, the world has changed remarkably: we have lived through a global pandemic, we have watched economies rise and fall, old wars end and new wars begin, the era of man-made climate change show its extreme costs and

    Issue #146 October 2023
  • Nicole Sealey on The Ferguson Report: An Erasure: An interview with  Sally Bliumis-Dunn

    I am so excited to delve into The Ferguson Report : An Erasure.
    Issue #145 September 2023
  • Remedios: Tommy Archuleta in Conversation with Amy Beeder (and five poems)

    Remedios:  Tommy Archuleta in Conversation with Amy Beeder (and five poems)       Remedio: Añil del Muerto   To aid safe passage, pick the blue-green leaves when the flowers have fully bloomed. Air for one day and one night prior to mashing. Coat the tip of a wooden stake with the pulp before driving it into the foot of

    Issue #144 August 2023
  • Such Silence by Troy Jollimore

    The concluding couplet of Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn” has tended to dominate our consciousness of that poem; so much so that we tend to lose sight of the complex context in which those famous pronouncements are embedded.
    Issue #143 July 2023
  • Nathan McClain on “Previously Owned”: An interview with Sally Bliumis-Dunn

    It is a real treat and honor, not only to have been published in Plume Anthology 10, but also to be in this sustained conversation with you, which has been very lovely.
    Issue #142 June 2023
  • Poems from Mariella Nigro’s Memory Rewritten and interview by Mihaela Moscaliuc with translators Jesse Lee Kercheval and Jeannine Marie Pitas

    Jesse Lee Kercheval and Jeannine Marie Pitas in conversation with Mihaela Moscaliuc   Mihaela Moscaliuc: I am excited we are able to feature six poems from Mariella Nigro’s Memory Rewritten, forthcoming this spring from White Pine Press. Starting with the first poem, loss announces its insistent presence and calls attention to the ways in which language can or can not contain

    Issue #141 May 2023
  • The Voice of the Dragon: A Conversation with Katy Didden by Frances Richey

    Katy Didden’s new collection, Ore Choir, is a book to savor on many levels.
    Issue #140 April 2023
  • A Window Into That In-Between Place That Has No Name: A Conversation with Elaine Sexton by Frances Richey

    There is much to admire in Elaine Sexton’s new collection
    Issue #139 March 2023
  • The Occult Power of bon mots, mots justes; Quantum Hopping with Angie Estes from Nancy Mitchell

    It’s this contemplation and attention which animates the occult power of language to conjure and fuse the past, and present and future...
    Issue #138 February 2023
  • Clarifying the Disorder of Catastrophe: In Conversation with Poet/Playwright Dan O’Brien by Amanda Newell

    My interview with poet and playwright Dan O'Brien took place over several months.
    Issue #137 January 2023