Featured Selection

  • Christopher Buckley on NAMING THE LOST: THE FRESNO POETS; interview by Nancy Mitchell

    NAMING THE LOST: THE FRESNO POETS Interviews & Essays edited by Christopher Buckley Stephen F. Austin State University Press, 2021 L to R: Philip Levine, Peter Everwine, and Larry Levis at Fresno State   NM: Hey Chris. It’s wonderful to be talking to you about the forthcoming NAMING THE LOST: THE FRESNO POETS—Interviews & Essays, which you so beautifully curated and

    Issue #122 October 2021
  • Savagely clear-eyed: An interview with writer, flamenco singer, and literary translator Amaia Gabantxo by Mihaela Moscaliuc

    Amaia Gabantxo is a writer, singer and literary translator specialized in Basque literature—a pioneer in the field and its greatest contributor.
    Issue #121 September 2021
  • Veronica Golos interviewed by Amy Beeder

    Veronica Golos is author of four books of poetry, most recently Girl (3: A Taos Press, 2019) which Ilya Kaminsky has called “Cinematic, symphonic, endlessly inventive.” I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Veronica about jazz, synesthesia, political activism, teaching, and, of course, her poems featured in this month’s Plume.   Amy Beeder: I’m struck by how often the

    Issue #120 August 2021
  • Memories, Friends in Dreams, and Reflections on the Poet’s Life and some Advice to Young Poets: Seven Minutes with John Skoyles and Nancy Mitchell

    Memories, Friends in Dreams, and Reflections on the Poet’s Life and some Advice to Young Poets
    Issue #119 July 2021
  • Jen Sperry Steinorth: On Creating and Claiming Space with Her Read by Amanda Newell

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Jen Sperry Steinorth about her new book,
    Issue #118 June 2021
  • Five Contemporary Love Songs edited by Leeya Mehta

    TISHANI DOSHI ♦ RAJIV MOHABIR JERRY PINTO ♦ ARUNDHATI SUBRAMANIAM ♦ JEET THAYIL   I had an idea earlier this year that I’d ask five contemporary Indian poets to share a poem each on Summer Love. It didn’t have to be romantic love, necessarily. I was looking for respite. I was searching for a little hope. Maybe I was in

    Issue #117 May 2021
  • Ambassadors of Poetry Prevail in the United States of Pandemica by Nancy Mitchell

    In honor of National Poetry Month I interviewed five Poet Laureates
    Issue #116 April 2021
  • An Interview with Ann Arbor by Leeya Mehta

    Summer is Coming
    Issue #115 March 2021
  • An interview with Teri Ellen Cross Davis by Leeya Mehta

    An interview with Teri Ellen Cross Davis by Leeya Mehta     Today is January 20th, a historic day that played out on the steps of the Capitol in Washington D.C., with the inauguration of America’s first female Vice President Kamala Devi Harris, a woman who identifies as both black and Indian. At two in the afternoon, after the swearing

    Issue #114 February 2021
  • Chanda Feldman and Erika Meitner interviewed by Sally Bliumis-Dunn

    Welcome Chanda Feldman and Erika Meitner to our PLUME feature.
    Issue #113 January 2021
  • Dear Stuart

    Bruce Weigl What it Means to Lose a Teacher Under Quarantine “Write it down, just like you told me.” SF   All of us are gathered here to celebrate the work and the life of our teacher, friend, and master of the arts of poetry and translation, Stuart Friebert.  It is not ironic that what we have to offer him,

    Issue #112 December 2020
  • On Queer Poetics, Writing Courageously, and Becoming Otherwise: An Interview with Nomi Stone by Amanda Newell

    I'm interested in the ways in which your poetry contemplates the relationship between the self and the community and the ways in which community shapes identity.
    Issue #111 November 2020