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  • April

    I think I will accept my life, the moment

    Bent over the plate, she studies
  • More Reason

    Though you may be a scribe in ancient Egypt
  • Licks

    We each were given three licks
  • Sunday in Connecticut

    I drive into town.
  • August, Hinge

    How would you describe these pandemic days,
  • Edinburgh University Anatomical Collection

    Take shelter awhile from mortality
  • Soul Mate

    When I was a girl, I had a dirty soul.
  • Hapax Legomenon

    Literally “thing said once,
  • Photographs, 1949 | Retiree

    In one, they pose, grinning straight at the Kodak,
  • Two Poems

    War catches a man with a shopping bag
  • Bending Truth to Advantage

    From Robert Lowell’s poem “Those Before Us,” these final lines: “Pardon them for existing.