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  • The Garden

    It just came at you. You were in it almost
  • Prizefighting

    $25 Cleaning Fee
  • Five Per Page and Title covered in flies

    Yard sticks and shards are kept in a jar shaped as a cowboy boot.
  • The Just Measure and Eels

    I stay here on the balcony after the rain, peering at the sky of a rocky landscape,
  • December, First Frost

    A small green house sits beside the highway, darkening in maple shade.
  • Ferns  | Cycle

    Wind thrums
  • A Gaze Hound That Hunteth by the Eye

    It’s not criminal: it isn’t sodomy

    Whenever we were out on the dance floor, I always looked at your face, while you looked downward, inward, at
  • Paper

    Damned if I’ll be the woman who collects mass produced throw pillows counts her

    He was a tall man on the edge of the couch
  • Two Poems

    I didn't know it then, but we were learning Italian...
  • Lion Cub & Whales

    We’d taken to being clever, or is that merely mischievous?