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  • Bridge Thrill

    After two days of TV airlifts and wheels-to-the-sky
  • In a Valley & Theorems of Reason

    Hello to the theorems of reason, hidden
  • The Injured Future

    Far left cluster the listeners, their heads lifted toward the speaker.
  • Incident in the Park

    Working back from the moment I rose off the bench,
  • Bunch of Asparagus and Asparagus

    Bundle on a wet bed
  • December, First Frost

    A small green house sits beside the highway, fading into maple shade.
  • Drink with Mountain, Remembered, Andalucían

    The rosé from Spain
  • Hatfield

    Such lovely matter, rain, abundant rain,
  • Of Shine

    What makes it

    I’ve become ruthless with the spruces
  • Ode to Cabeza de Vaca

    What good is it to see for miles and miles,
  • The Quarry, Pontaise

    To enter into the greens