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  • Better Than Heaven

    So many set asides, you say, intemperate
  • Ferns  | Cycle

    Wind thrums
  • Honor Guard

    Who does this body

    They walk in and out of the room,
  • Of Course

    If I wake at 3, ephemerality
  • Almost Nightfall

    City lovely in its concocted dream, there
  • I Became Friends | When I Was Fifteen | I Can Recall

    I became friends with a girl who was in the institution with me, also fifteen, also getting shock treatment, a girl who
  • What We Do with What We Are

    I did not get better.
  • Occupation

    As a peeper, some clear night, singing for a star,
  • The Fortieth Day | Pussy Riot/Want/Don’t/Want

    Now she called forth nights of a different kind of brilliance when the moon wrapped every thing with light—
  • Babel of Signs

    Skirting the coast desperate for fresh food
  • BIRD

    I lived between the hemisphere of songbirds and the hemisphere