Maram Al-Masri

Maram Al-Masri was born in Latakia, Syria, and moved to France following the completion of English Literature studies at Damascus University. Her books include Métropoèmes, Je te regarde, Cerise rouge sur un carrelage blanc, Le RaptElle va nue la liberté, Par la fontaine de ma bouche (Bruno Doucey), A Red Cherry on a White-tiled Floor (Copper Canyon), and the anthology Femmes poètes du monde arabe.

Al-Masri’s literary prizes include the Prix d’Automne 2007 de Poésie de la Société des Gens De Lettres, the Adonis Prize, the Premio Citta di Calopezzati, Il Fiore d’Argento, and the Dante Alighieri Prize.

She is a member of the Parlement des écrivaines francophones and was appointed Ambassador of the Secours Populaire in France and citoyenne d’honneur of Vendenheim. In 2017, the Maram Al-Masri Prize was created, which rewards poetry and graphic works.

  • Three poems from The Abduction by Maram Al-Masri, translated from French by Hélène Cardona

    I hugged him