Tom Sleigh

Tom Sleigh’s many books include Station Zed, Army Cats (John Updike Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters), and Space Walk (Kingsley Tufts Award). He teaches at Hunter College and works as a journalist in the Middle East and Africa. A book of essays, The Land Between Two Rivers: Writing In an Age of Refugees, and of poems, House of Fact, House of Ruin, were published by Graywolf in 2018. Sleigh has published in Plume, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, VQR, APR, Poetry, Threepenny, and elsewhere, as well being widely anthologized in publications such as The Plume Anthology, The Best of the Best American Poetry, the Best American Poetry, and the Best American Travel Writing.

  • Code

    At last it's just me and the alphabet.
  • The Drowned and the Saved

    If all of us were to try to kill ourselves at least once, then all of us would know nothing more than that: which is why
  • Proof of Poetry

    I wanted first to end up as a drunk in the gutter
  • Stairway

    In those days, so many stairways were said to lead to happiness, mainly of a sexual kind—and as I climbed those
  • Seventh Circle

    And after the fight the moment of awakening
  • From the Ass’s Mouth: A Theory of the Leisure Class

    Up on stage in the three-quarters empty auditorium,