Sandra McPherson

Sandra McPherson’s 21st book, Quicksilver, Cougars, and Quartz, is forthcoming in 2018 from Salmon Poetry Press. She is retired from teaching 23 years at the University of California at Davis and 4 years at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Among her earlier collections, 5 were published by by Ecco, 3 by Wesleyan, and 2 by Illinois.


  • Learning to Play It Again

    While my daughter was learning Clementi —
  • Archaic Rayon Kamehameha

    Blue eyes like dusty Santa Rosa plums,
  • Study: Old Watercolor and Joe

    I bought an old watercolor in a primitives shop and brought it home to my in-laws’ on summer vacation.
  • Tenderly

    I see how you climb!