D. Nurkse

Nurkse D.

D. Nurkse’s eleventh poetry collection Love in the Last Days, a verse retelling of the Tristan and Iseult myth, is out from Knopf in New York this fall. His book Voices over Water, published by CB Editions, was shortlisted for the 2011 Forward Prize.

  • A Frozen Present

    The thick white cloud of crazy moths is whirling
  • Game with a Mad Bounce

    The child and I are kicking a pebble down the road--
  • The Podium

    He is bilious, potty-mouthed, at once puffy and rachitic. He sways, eyes red and rheumy as September strawberries.
  • Letter From The Capital

    She writes: now we have wars between historical eras. We fight in time as well as space. 1914 vs. 1939 is a devastating
  • The Unmet Lover

    Once I saw you in a freight elevator