D. Nurkse

D. Nurkse‘s latest poetry collection, A Country of Strangers, a “new and selected,” was published by Knopf in 2022.

  • Three Poems

    Our lives are so brief, she says,
  • Poetry: A Mirror, a Pencil and an Envelope. Seven Minutes with D. Nurkse and Nancy Mitchell

    In this candid interview, D. Nurkse reflects on a long life in poetry and political activism
  • A Frozen Present: D. Nurkse on the Language of Fascism and “The Land of Magic”

    This timely essay, which is also a trenchant exegesis of Henri Michaux’s unfinished poem “The Land of Magic,” witnesses to…

    Issue #114 February 2021
  • Game with a Mad Bounce

    The child and I are kicking a pebble down the road--
  • The Podium

    He is bilious, potty-mouthed, at once puffy and rachitic. He sways, eyes red and rheumy as September strawberries.
  • Letter From The Capital

    She writes: now we have wars between historical eras. We fight in time as well as space. 1914 vs. 1939 is a devastating
  • The Unmet Lover

    Once I saw you in a freight elevator