Molly Peacock

Peacock Molly

Molly Peacock is a widely anthologized poet as well as a biographer.  Co-creator of Poetry in Motion on New York City’s buses and subways, and inaugurator of The Best Canadian Poetry, she has written seven collections of poems, the latest of which is The Analyst (W.W. Norton and Biblioasis, Canada).  A Leon Levy Fellow, she is the author of the biography The Paper Garden: Mrs. Delany Begins Her Life’s Work at 72 and is now at work on Flower Diary: Mary Hiester Reid Paints, Travels, Marries & Manages a Threesome.

  • Notes From Sick Rooms

    NOTES FROM SICK ROOMS   1. I have often wondered why it is considered a proof of virtue in anyone…

  • Clothes

    Because other things needed buying,
  • A Face, A Cup

    The thousand hairline cracks in an aged face
  • Gusto

    Skin the asparagus for their lives,
  • Fret Not

    Opening the door for the first time since
  • The Plum

    A teacher I loved