Peter Cooley

Peter Cooley is Professor Emeritus at Tulane University and was Louisiana Poet Laureate 2015-2017. His 11th book was THE ONE CERTAIN THING, elegies for his wife, who died in 2018.

  • And This is How It Happens

    Because I have been happily
  • Mommie

    After I’m dead, will the world will remember me
  • Interrogations Update & Mythos

    When will I see you again? I’ve asked the priests.

    Such as the sun might present—out of sight—
  • A Few Years After a Death

    Toward sunfall, when I begin to count
  • RODIN, “Hand with Small Torso, Bronze” | Rodin’s “The Cathedral”

    In Paris you can see his drawer of hands.
  • Rembrandt, Self-Portrait, Age 51

    Rembrandt, I aspire to your self-portraits