Peter Cooley

Cooley Peter

Peter Cooley was born and educated in the Midwest and has lived over half of his life in New Orleans, where he was Professor of English and Director of Creative writing at Tulane University and is now Professor Emeritus. The former Poet Laureate of Louisiana, he received the Marble Faun Award in Poetry and an Atlas Grant from the state of Louisiana. The father of three grown children, he published his tenth book World Without Finishing in 2018.

  • Interrogations Update & Mythos

    When will I see you again? I’ve asked the priests.

    Such as the sun might present—out of sight—
  • A Few Years After a Death

    Toward sunfall, when I begin to count
  • RODIN, “Hand with Small Torso, Bronze” | Rodin’s “The Cathedral”

    In Paris you can see his drawer of hands.
  • Rembrandt, Self-Portrait, Age 51

    Rembrandt, I aspire to your self-portraits