Sandra Moussempès

Sandra Moussempès is the author of 12 books. Winner of the 2022 Théophile Gautier Prize in Poetry from the French Academy, her collection Cassandre à bout portant (Flammarion, January 2021) is a sonic experiment with lyric heart. In addition to Cassandre, she has recently published Cinéma de l’affect (Boucles de voix off pour film fantôme) (Editions de l’Attente 2020), Colloque des télépathes & CD Post-Gradiva (Editions de l’Attente 2017), and Sunny girls (Poésie/Flammarion 2015). Her chapbooks, I’m a language you are the sound device and Sunny girls, have been translated into English and published by Above Ground Press in Canada.

  • Two poems by Sandra Moussempès, translated from French by Carrie Chappell and Amanda Murphy

    A house stands out from the rest of the forest, emptied of its occupants for centuries