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  • The Dolls’ House Mysteries

    A woman lies so tidily
  • 36.

    A woman was choked by a metal shackle
  • Earth, Temple, Gods

    A woman's feet, in lace-up sandals made of stone.
  • The Peripheral Position of the Sun

    A young woman roars, laughs, splashes the face of a young man, nears the shore where the blinking lights of fireflies
  • Whatever Alights

    A zillion yeses to the titmice at my feeder,
  • Six Makeshift Trees Around My Bathtub

    Above our heads a vertical shadow
  • After the Invention of Polystyrene a Ligurian Goat Crosses the Equator

    Abut in a tailspin, mad spark
  • Aperol-Spritz | Padua

    Across the river from the Grossmünster
  • Practicing Eights

    After I almost died, it was hard
  • So This is the Future & Hope

    After I found out––
  • Mommie

    After I’m dead, will the world will remember me
  • The Afterlife

    After life, pelicans glide above a shut- down bridge.