Gregory Donovan

The Jeweled Eye
November 20, 2022 Donovan Gregory

The Jeweled Eye


A ruby eye on the clasp of the gold
Bracelet at the loved one’s wrist now
Opens like the blink of a sparrow at dawn
And I say it sees her in this entirely
Private moment, steam rising
In the shower’s heat pouring over
Her olive skin, smoothing and soothing
As waterfall slipped into a mountainside
Cascade. I say it sees the gentle curve
Of her breast and the rare occasion
Of her hand slowly working a cloud
Of suds through her hair like the vague
Thought that vanishes into itself in this
Spell, a visitation without announcement,
No sound, no interruption, she’s held there
Calm and safe as the bitter cold
In a January snow sharp in the dark
Outside begins to break and
Melt into the conjured years ahead.

Gregory Donovan is the author of the poetry collections Torn from the Sun (Red Hen Press, 2015), and Calling His Children Home, winner of the Devins Award from the University of Missouri Press, as well as the co-editor of Prismatics: Larry Levis & Contemporary American Poetry (Diode Editions, 2020), a collection of extended, wide-ranging interviews conducted with thirteen nationally prominent poets in the making of the documentary film A Late Style of Fire: Larry Levis, American Poet, directed by poet and filmmaker Michele Poulos, and for which Donovan was a producer. He serves on the creative writing faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University and is a former editor of Blackbird: an online journal of literature and the arts.