Hank Lazer

Old, Two, Not, Wrote
November 20, 2022 Lazer Hank



letters to an old poet
we say it now without
worrying     so i ask
who really do you re


turn to in your reading
who are you keeping
alive     how often do you
re-read your own poetry


words in a line have
their moment     as now
you can walk unimpeded
into clear winter woods


12.12.2020 (3)





look closely     your two feet
are not the same    nor is
your mind identical to itself
old poets     we age into in


visibility & seeming ir
relevance just as we be
come uninhibited enough to
say what we know & don’t


know     i should call john
who lives not far from gettysburg
to tell him his poetry
is still very much alive with me


12.12.2020 (3)12.20.2020





one time does not
get in the way of
another     all time
present now


though my mind
likes a line &
the succession of
one thing after


another     say what you
will   no way to
know time when time
is what you are


12.12.2020 (3)12.24.2020 (3)





back then we wrote
letters    long ones   &
sent them air mail
& checked to see what


the postman delivered   we
made & kept a record
because there was no other
way   now   like a bird’s


path in the sky     what you say
what i say    like us    it
all disappears
were we ever really here


12.12.2020 (3)1.1.2021 (2)


Hank Lazer has published thirty-four books of poetry, including P I E C E S (BlazeVOX, 2022), When the Time Comes (Dos Madres Press, 2022), field recordings   of mind   in morning (with 15 music-poetry tracks with Holland Hopson on banjo – available from Bandcamp and on YouTube), COVID 19 SUTRAS, Slowly Becoming Awake (N32), and Poems That Look Just Like Poems. (To order books, learn about talks, readings, and workshops, and see photos of Duncan Farm see Lazer’s website: https://www.hanklazer.com