Hank Lazer

Hank Lazer has published twenty-seven books of poetry, including Evidence of Being Here: Beginning in Havana (N27) (2018), Thinking in Jewish (N20) (2017), Poems Hidden in Plain View (2016, in English and in French), Brush Mind: At Hand (2016), N24 (2014) and N18 (2012), Portions (2009), and The New Spirit (2005).  Forthcoming later this year and in early 2019: Slowly Becoming Awake (N32), Poems that Look Just Like Poems (in English and in French), and Brush Mind: Second Hand.  In 2015, Lazer received Alabama’s most prestigious literary prize, the Harper Lee Award, for lifetime achievement in literature.

  • N33P14 and N33P29

    Cloud cover
  • N32P28

    Do not treasure or belittle,
  • N27P23 (2/2/14) | N27P26   (2/7/14) | N27P29   (2/9/14)

    suddenly here
  • N18P6

    the shape doesn’t