Hank Lazer

N27P23 (2/2/14) | N27P26   (2/7/14) | N27P29   (2/9/14)
August 27, 2016 Lazer Hank

N27P23 (2/2/14)


suddenly here

& then



“through perpetual experience
I plunge into the thickness
of the world.” <211>




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N27P26   (2/7/14)


even frost that cracker jack philosopher

knew it     knew it to be too much

. . . The present
Is too much for the senses
Too crowding, too confusing –
Too present to imagine.

so in this very moment of creation too

the writing of it     the reading   through which   & from

to what degree are we here now

you & i     in what senses

“How is it that the world is not
perfectly explicit in front of us,
and why does it only deploy itself little by little and never ‘in its entirety’?” <215>



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N27P29   (2/9/14)



each word

being thought

“given that they are inwardly prepared”

“and sensation is, literally, a communion” <219>





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(note: quotations followed by page numbers are from Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception)



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