Issue #62 September 2016

  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 62 –   September: and you’ll be very happy to discover – no anecdotes…

    Editors Note
  • Robert Archambeau: The Barbarian Invasion of Poetry (Hurrah!)

    The Barbarian Invasion of Poetry (Hurrah!)   And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians? They were, those…

    Essays and Comment
  • The Sunflower

    The sunflower
  • N27P23 (2/2/14) | N27P26   (2/7/14) | N27P29   (2/9/14)

    suddenly here
  • Dore Kiesselbach: Albatross

    I recently re-encountered the 9/11 Commission report. It’s a good, if politically-simplified, document—a useful, painful, reflection of its times: just…

    Featured Selection
  • Grevel Lindop: Luna Park

    In “O Taste and See,” one of her most famous poems, Denise Levertov rejects the brooding grimness that defines Wordsworth’s…

    Book Review
  • the kitchen song

    so strong a wind

    Everyone here has so many faces,
  • The Drowned and the Saved

    If all of us were to try to kill ourselves at least once, then all of us would know nothing more than that: which is why

    The falcon, which he’s just bought, at his cheek,
  • Drive-in Double Dare

    In gravel dust and starlight, after the hummingbirds fe
  • Rose-Scented Lotion | Blue

    The level of rose-scented lotion daily
  • Lag sol time

    Please are the big good door, no one is so did it anymore will be to period. No: only if he’d sown wheat in a set fiche
  • The Arithmetic Teacher Living in Six Meticulous Fields of Sweet

    I thought I heard outdoors
  • The Child and I

    I wanted to go fishing one day,
  • What is Love in Tennis, and What is Love | Nude from Here to Eternity

    If there’s personality in how you jump, then I wonder about