Rachel Hadas

Rachel Hadas is the author of many books of poems, essays, and translations. Her recent books include LOVE AND DREAD (poems) and PIECE BY PIECE (prose selections). Forthcoming book of poems is GHOST GUEST (2023). Rachel is Board of Governors Professor of English at Rutgers-Newark, where she has taught for many years.

  • Moving the Piano and From the Cliff

    Compact and gleaming, black and white,
  • The Mind’s Meander: Indirection, Ambiguity, and Association in Poetry by Rachel Hadas

    I’ve been musing about the benefits of indirection – or call it obliquity,
    Issue #117 May 2021
  • Thanksgiving Near Cape Coast & Pine Cones: April 2020

    Churning along through viscous mud,
  • Cento for the Turn of the Year

    Assume nothing. Take a position:
  • New Math

    Out of the place I knew,
  • Rose-Scented Lotion | Blue

    The level of rose-scented lotion daily
  • In the Vestibule

    The in-between is queasy
  • To Urania

    Astronomer who rules the tides and skies,