Timothy Liu

Timothy Liu’s latest book is Luminous Debris: New & Selected Leger- demain. He lives in Manhattan and Woodstock, NY. timothyliu.net

(For more information on Timothy Liu, see his website).

  • “This We in the Back of the House” by Jacob Sunderlin reviewed by Timothy Liu

      Jacob Sunderlin. This We in the Back of the House. Saturnalia Books, 2022. ISBN 978-1947817487   Let’s make praise:…

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    Your best friend had brain cancer
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    I’m a fan of well-printed books. Handmade. Letter press.
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    A quick call
  • My Own Private Parthenon

    Before having met Linda Gregg
    Issue #93 May 2019
  • Carpe Diem

    You won't live

    It's not the smoking I miss

    Said he had some hard sledding to do.
  • Without You

    I was doing just fine, a job, a home,