Issue #144 August 2023

Charles Henry Alston, Barn and Tree

  • Remedios: Tommy Archuleta in Conversation with Amy Beeder (and five poems)

    Remedios:  Tommy Archuleta in Conversation with Amy Beeder (and five poems)       Remedio: Añil del Muerto   To…

    Featured Selection
  • Hoppenthaler, Bond and Upton, et. al.

    John Hoppenthaler on “Nocturne”: My poems typically begin as riffs inspired by whatever landscape the world provides at a given…

    Editors Note
  • Timothy Liu reviews Ana Božičević’s “New Life”

    I was strolling through Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan and happened upon a reading at the outdoor Reading Room.
    Book Review
  • Therapon, III, 5 

    …you whose waters never breathe   whose
  • Conjuring the Last Gleeman by Steve Kuusisto

    There's a curious essay by Yeats called "The Last Gleeman" wherein he details the life of a Dublin street poet named Michael Moran.
    Issue #144 August 2023
  • A Brief Portfolio: Heaney in an Irish Pub & Other Poems

    Heaney in an Irish Pub, Washington, DC, Hunger, In the Bishop's Garden:  Hide and Seek and Lost in China
  • Logan | Steidle

    The brief, impersonal, conversations they had together were creating that peculiar intimacy which consists in shyness.
    Station to Station
  • From Records of Explosion: Poems by Nianxi Chen, translated from Chinese by Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor and Kuo Zhang, with an interview by Mihaela Moscaliuc

    You are the first ones to bring/recreate Nianxi Chen’s work into/in English.
    Translations Portfolio

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  • Two Departures from Rilke

    Terrified past panic, strict lines collapsed,
  • The Cormorant

    They slip the string
  • Nocturne

    Last night a barred owl swept across the road,
  • It Will Start One Day

    you know, it will start one day, the ebb

    White Gladis, Gladis Clara, Gladis Filabres, Gladyi Tarij,
  • Undertaking

    “It is certainly strange
  • The New Odyssey Concordance

    This is not the Odyssey
  • A Different Origin

    When the snake in Eden approached Eve
  • Fox and Piñata

    I saw my first movie