Beatriu Delaveda

The New Odyssey Concordance
July 20, 2023 Delaveda Beatriu

The new Odyssey concordance

This is not the Odyssey
And I am not Homer
And you are not Odysseus
And this is not Troy
or Ithaca
or even Sparta

I am not waiting
a day
much less a year
much less fifteen
for you to make up
your mind and come home
from wherever

There is no Calypso
and no one’s a cyclops
or a siren
or a bag of wind
and there are no lotus eaters
or six-headed monsters
at least not where we live

Yes, we do have a housekeeper
and a son
and an olive tree bed
The gods are not angry
only I
and by the way there were suitors
and I slept with them all

Beatriu Delaveda is the pseudonym of a writer who has written five books as well as two chapbooks of visual poetry. His/her poetry, fiction, and non-fiction have been published in, among others, the Guardian, Atlantic, New York Times, McSweeney’s, Sugar House, Storm Cellar,, Mobius, 3 am, Mudlark, mono, Mercurius, Poetica Review, Tupelo Quarterly and Clapboard House, where he/she won a short story prize.