Bruce Bond and Dan Beachy-Quick

Therapon, III, 5 
July 26, 2023 Bruce Bond and Dan Beachy-Quick

Therapon, III, 5




…you whose waters never breathe   whose
names of coastal cities float across the harbor
save me says a tiny island in the south Pacific
that is   no longer there   every map   one face
across another   save me says a ring my father
left behind and so I slip it on   so large it falls
like an angel   every fetish a mask whose holes
await the living eye   who alive is not a child
of the objects in the room   save me they say
and then a little monster comes to your door
you give her sweets    as is the custom   when
death calls   you feign surprise   empty your fist
into her bag   a white slip designed for a pillow…


: 5


…a white veil caught in the apple-tree; no son,
the apple-tree is on fire; no, father, the apple-
tree is blooming; no, son, the wind tangled
a grocery store bag in the branches; no, father,
the white tatter of a skunk’s stripe flew off
through the air like a bandage searching
for a wound; no, son, no. My father never
called me son; I never called him father.
The farther away I get from childhood, the more
the oracle of the side-view mirror chants
its endless truth: objects in the mirror are closer
than they appear. The bee is deep inside the
peony, but so is the beetle. The old barn speaks…

Dan Beachy-Quick‘s poetry collections include North True South Bright (2003); Spell (2004); Mulberry (2006), a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Award for poetry; This Nest, Swift Passerine (2009); Circle’s Apprentice (2011); Of Silence and Song (2017); and Variations on Dawn and Dusk (2019). He is also the author of A Whaler’s Dictionary (2008), a collection of linked essays responding to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.


Bruce Bond is the author of thirty books including, most recently, Plurality and the Poetics of Self (Palgrave, 2019), Words Written Against the Walls of the City (LSU, 2019), Scar (Etruscan, 2020), Behemoth (New Criterion Prize, Criterion Books, 2021), The Calling (Parlor, 2021), Patmos (Juniper Prize, UMass, 2021), Liberation of Dissonance (Nicholas Shaffner Award for Literature in Music, Schaffner Press, 2022), and Invention of the Wilderness (LSU, 2022).