Issue #133 September 2022

from five guaches by Dike Blair, courtesy of the artist and Karma, New York City

  • The Light That Shines Out of the Marble by Chard DeNiord

    THE LIGHT THAT SHINES OUT OF THE MARBLE       In his visionary classic, The Marriage of Heaven and…

    Essays and Comment
  • Joan Houlihan, interview and poems from “It Isn’t a Ghost if it Lives in Your Chest” with Ann van Buren

    This interview with Ann van Buren was conducted via Zoom and through e-mail, several months after the publication of It…

    Featured Selection
  • Timothy Liu reviews new books from Lynn Xu and Michael Chang

    I’m a fan of well-printed books. Handmade. Letter press.
    Book Review
  • Park, Andrews, Fried, et. al.

    Suphil Lee Park on translating Im Yunjidang: Korea has a long history of diglossia and linguistic oppression, from its wide…

    Editors Note
  • Excerpt from poem by Im Yunjidang translated from Hanja (via modern Korean) by Suphil Lee Park

    This shapeless blade
  • Two poems by Jan Wagner translated from German by David Keplinger 

    when you are digging in the wardrobe
  • Sonnet for a Tall Flower Blooming at Dinnertime

    Southern Flower, I want to quote the bard,
  • Three Poems

    It’s good to see him young again,
  • Unexceptional

    Except we were in love, or so it seemed.
  • War Poems

    Mangled tanks at rest on the roadway's shoulder.
  • Little Pea: A Brief Portfolio

    Sometimes I think I shouldn’t write about my past.
  • That ancient Egyptian poem

    Carved on a pillar—
  • Up Early, I Turn off the Television News

    High tide of sun curling & breaking onto the hardwood
  • Cataclysmic Paternity

    There’s the you at birth and the you that’s taught and the you you concocted.
  • Two Poems

    For the second time, yet not the last, in this
  • The Garden

    It just came at you. You were in it almost
  • The Cricket

    You too have risen at midnight