Nin Andrews

Andrews Nin

Nin Andrews’ poems have appeared in many literary journals and anthologies including Ploughshares, Agni, The Paris Review, and four editions of Best American Poetry.  The author of 6 chapbooks and 6 full-length poetry collections, she has won two Ohio individual artist grants, the Pearl Chapbook Contest, the Kent State University chapbook contest, and the Gerald Cable Poetry Award. She is also the editor of a book of translations of the Belgian poet, Henri Michaux, Someone Wants to Steal My Name.  Her book, Why God Is a Woman, was published by BOA Editions in 2015.

  • The Shadow of Love

    The Shadow of Love   A man falls in love with a shadow and calls her Mary after his mother.…

  • The Definition of Postmodernism & If

    I was in David Lehman’s Modern Poetry class when I first heard the term “postmodernism.”
  • Soul Mate

    When I was a girl, I had a dirty soul.
  • The Only One

    In the stories of old there were always three.
  • Instruction on Driving with an Orgasm | Napoleon’s Hat

    Look both ways before going out for a spin. And ease onto the road. Take careful note of the speed limit and
  • Five Orgasms after reading Lydia Davis

    You are sleeping beside me, but I can’t sleep, not in this roadside hotel smelling of new carpet and cigarettes. It’s late.
  • Three Orgasm Poems

    She thinks success would be her best revenge. It’s not enough for her now, merely to be alive. Or to feel bliss in brief
  • The Last Orgasm

    Sometimes I think of the innocent live
  • In the Supermarket of Orgasms

    Some nights I feel so alone in my longing for you, love, alone in my supermarket of orgasms as I cruise the aisles of
  • Reality Check

    The orgasm likes the dusk best, the time of day
  • My Last Deidre | The City of the Orgasm

    I am a not woman.  I am an orgasm.
  • Letter to a Young Orgasm | Elegy for the Last Orgasm | The Orgasm and the Magic Maid

    How could she not cry out when you pressed her to your flesh?
  • The Hardworking Man

    On the island where I grew up, the hardworking man is the ideal man.  The