Issue #138 February 2023

George StubbsMolly Long-legs with her Jockey, 1761-1762

  • Two Essays on Charles Simic by Donovan McAbee and Chard deNiord

    Two Essays on Charles Simic by Donovan McAbee and Chard deNiord   Charles Simic: An Appreciation from Donovan McAbee  …

    Essays and Comment
  • Poem by Zuzanna Ginczanka (1917-1945) translated from Polish by Alex Braslavsky

    There’s now a so-so year for you: 1933—
  • Jody Stewart’s ‘This Momentary World’ reviewed by Timothy Liu

                                Jody Stewart This Momentary World Nine…

    Book Review
  • While Another Dove Nude into the Breakers

    One talked with a talisman
  • Sea Otters, Missiles, Sardines

    Sea otters sun themselves on harbor rocks,
  • Received Wisdom

    A horse fence
  • On Brueghel’s the Tower of Bable

    Anybody calling this scheme stupid
  • At the Grave of Robert Lowell

    Cruising Currier & Ives’ staid byway,
  • And This is How It Happens

    Because I have been happily
  • Dream Vision of Theodore Roethke

    door to heaven? portal of wheres in a modern mound.
  • Blown Away

    There’s something stuck in my throat, it might be the red-eyed
  • The Occult Power of bon mots, mots justes; Quantum Hopping with Angie Estes from Nancy Mitchell

    It’s this contemplation and attention which animates the occult power of language to conjure and fuse the past, and present and future...
    Featured Selection
  • Cardona, Bassen, Filkins, et. al.

    Hélène Cardona on translating Maram Al-Masri’s poems: The Abduction refers to an autobiographical event in Al-Masri’s life. When, as a…

    Editors Note
  • Three poems from The Abduction by Maram Al-Masri, translated from French by Hélène Cardona

    I hugged him
  • Spell

    Unlikely find in a thrift store’s back bin:
  • Anthem and Under the Sun

    Through the backyard of a shuttered home
  • Madame Bovary, c’est moi

    If we were all as kind to each other