Plume Issue # 152 April 2024

Karl Brendel 1912-1913, “Head”  (Bread, kneaded)

  • Lummis | Laichas

    I was part way into one of Tom Laichas’ three published collections when I began to marvel at the skill, the sure-footed, far-ranging variety
    Station to Station
  • The Insurgency of Tears is to Eradicate Sadness and Hold Joy as Close as the Moon

    Mike’s at The Whitney.
  • Picking Prunes and The Majestic Theatre

    From the ground up is how you rise   
  • Voisine, Bassiri, Woloch, et. al.

    Connie Voisine on Translating Patron Henekou: Patron Henekou’s Jazz et autres prières (Jazz and Other Prayers) engages with the late 20th and early…

    Plume Issue # 152 April 2024
  • James Crews: The Poetry of Connection and Joy, A conversation with Michael Simms

    James, you've been tremendously prolific in recent years.
    Plume Issue # 152 April 2024
  • Bystander Effect, Permanence and Weapon

    Your weapon is an eraser.
  • The City translated by Kaveh Bassiri

    I dream the city is flying in an airplane
  • A Brief Portfolio

    the afternoons are perfect
  • A Series of Small Scandals and Dear Telephone Booth,

    Imogen photographed her new husband:
  • Drinking, Failure and Erotics

    Easing from fixed to felt, mellow waves of breeze, the lean
  • Two Poems translated by Connie Voisine

    Words here carry the scent of snow,
  • Practicing Eights

    After I almost died, it was hard
  • Oloid and Pareidolia

    Saturday, awake to the raw April outside. A dream that was on my tongue is gone with a swallow.
  • Train to Naples and “It’s Awful Plain”

    Five ceramic half-ducks flew up the wall.
  • Jug

    Colors, we go way back.
  • Two O’Clock and Stray

    As though all at once it is afternoon
  • “The End” an essay by Heather McHugh

    I'm drawn to seacoasts, where you see so many ways at once.
    Plume Issue # 152 April 2024
  • Rilke 5 Translations

    Almost like on the last day when the dead tear
  • Honey

    Strange music of our Emily —
  • Timothy Liu Ruminates on Timmy Straw’s ‘The Thomas Salto’ in Five Short Lyrics

    This blockbuster debut is so far
    Plume Issue # 152 April 2024