T.R. Hummer

R. Hummer’s most recent books of poetry are After the Afterlife (Acre Books) and three linked volumes, Ephemeron, Skandalon, and Eon (LSU Press). Former editor-in-chief of The Kenyon Review, of The New England Review, and of The Georgia Review, he received a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship in poetry, a NEA Individual Artist Grant in Poetry, the Richard Wright Award for Artistic Excellence, the Hanes Poetry Prize, and the Donald Justice Award in Poetry. He lives in Cold Spring, NY.

  • A Brief Portfolio

    the afternoons are perfect
  • The Opposite of Silence: Poetry Interposes by T.R. Hummer

    The dream, in medias res, founders on the grinding of a garbage truck
    Issue #119 July 2021
  • The Reliable Stream: On A.R. Ammons’s The Complete Poems, V. 1 & 2, W.W. Norton 2017 by T.R. Hummer

    This essay introduces new readers of Ammons’ work to the metaphysical courage of his ceaseless, restless poems, while also providing…

    Issue #96 August 2019
  • How to Write on Rat Skin

    Decades ago, when personal computers were still a novelty just being embraced by writers among others, I fell into argument with a famous older poet.
    Issue #91 March 2019
  • T.R. Hummer: The Poet Retires

    intr. Of an army, troops, etc.: to fall back or give ground, esp. when confronted by a superior force; to retreat.…

    Issue #80 March 2018

    It was a 1954 Ford pickup truck that stopped

    They lay the old woman in the back seat of a car,
  • Tool & Die

    In the final unburdening, massive crates are moved