Issue #80 March 2018

Daido Moriyama

  • Inside the guts of fresh fish, just hauled up | Shall we praise the girls who will not come down | It’s about water that didn’t lose its shine

    Inside the guts of fresh fish, just hauled up
  • Jane Springer, Aleksey Porvin, Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler,

    Jane Springer on “Paper” Inspiration: This poem is one of a trilogy: rock, paper, scissors. So began the inquiry, what…

    Editors Note

    The twelfth of July, like Neruda, wouldn’t
  • This Is the Day the Lord Has Made

    This is the day the Lord has made,
  • Nudes I & II

    Once she crosses the threshold
  • The Raccoon

    Like an old Italian man,
  • Letter to Jed from Niebla

    I’ll write you about being a stranger, as I am also
  • Paper

    Damned if I’ll be the woman who collects mass produced throw pillows counts her
  • Cry

    Bring back our dresses untorn
  • Lawrence Raab: The Life Beside This One

      NM: I’ve been enjoying your wonderful poems featured here from your new book The Life Beside This One. I’m…

    Featured Selection
  • T.R. Hummer: The Poet Retires

    intr. Of an army, troops, etc.: to fall back or give ground, esp. when confronted by a superior force; to retreat.…

    Essays and Comment

    Wary of the verb  “empathize”—together with its noun “empathy” and adjective

    I sat in the parking lot of the sleep clinic
  • John Matthias & Jean Dibble & Robert Archambeau: Revolutions: a Collaboration

    Revolutions, the title of this collaboration among a Notre Dame-affiliated poet (John Mathias), a printmaker (Jean Dibble), and a literary…

    Book Review
  • The Call |Palm

    You and I, we have been here before.

    She looked better